Specialty Glass for Construction & Agriculture

Construction and agriculture are year-round industries, and they require equipment that can handle the intense workload of the job. Our advanced custom glass products can significantly enhance operator safety and comfort in harvesters, tractors, forestry equipment, cranes, bulldozers, excavators, haulers, and much more. It can even save you money! How?

Custom Glass Solutions’ laminated safety glass systems play an important role in the function and efficiency of your machines. Laminated glass has six primary benefits for your machines and operators.

Block UV RaysWorkers in the construction and agriculture industries face the damaging rays of the sun on a daily basis. Standard machine glass allows in UVA and UVB rays that can cause skin damage to operators and drivers. Laminated glass blocks these harmful rays and protects your employees.

Specialty Glass for Construction & Agriculture

Save Fuel & Reduce Emissions – Millions of gallons of fuel are used each year to run air conditioning systems in heavy machinery. Laminated glass helps manage solar heating of the interiors of cabs and machines by blocking and reflecting UV rays. This increases operator comfort while reducing fuel usage, cost, and emissions.

Reduce Theft & Damage – Heavy machinery is expensive and vital to your business. Machinery damaged by theft or vandalism means downtime for your project. Laminated glass has 10x the penetration resistance of tempered window glass and increases the safety of your machines.

Prevent Operator InjuryDebris from construction sites, forests, and agricultural sites can pose a risk to operator safety. Tempered window glass shatters under impact and flying pieces of glass can lacerate operators. Laminated glass windshields protect operators from injury.

Design Versatility – Laminated glass can be bent, rolled, flattened, and more to create custom glass products for any construction or agricultural machine. CGS can provide specialty glass, tractor glass, custom windshields, and more.

Reduce Outside Noise – Construction sites are noisy. Forestry operations are noisy. Agricultural operations are noisy. Protect your machinery operators and drivers from noise with laminated acoustic glass. This specialty glass increases operator health and comfort.

The need for custom glass solutions from a trusted custom glass manufacturer is clear. Construction equipment such as bulldozers, skid-steers, and cranes work in harsh environments and must meet demanding standards. That’s why durable custom windshields, laminated glass, and door glass are so essential in this segment. Operators and drivers need to be kept safe during demolition and construction. Laminated glass technology can help your construction business in more ways than one.

Agricultural equipment is designed to maximize output and field performance while providing comfort during a hard day’s work. Combine harvesters, row crop tractors, forestry equipment, and more are constantly exposed to the elements—spending more days in the field and less time in the barn. You need a custom glass manufacturer to help keep operators safe and machines running efficiently.

Custom Glass Solutions can provide specialty glass for machines in the construction, forestry, and agricultural industries. We offer infrared anti-reflective glass, solar management glass, laminated glass, heated glass, privacy glass, acoustic glass, and other specialty glass technology to combat Mother Nature, keep operators safe and comfortable, and save you money.

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For more information on our manufactured glass solutions, please visit our Industries Served main page. You can start a conversation with us here for any specific questions you may have on our specialty glass for construction and agriculture, such as heavy equipment glass or tractor cab glass and windows – as well as our custom glass design and engineering services.



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