Optishield Tactical™ – Bullet-Resistant Armored Glass for Law Enforcement

Introducing the next evolution in Officer safety….

For too long, our first responders have gone unprotected in their vehicles, leaving them vulnerable to ambush-style attacks and ballistic threats. Optishield Tactical armored glass replaces OEM glass in all current patrol vehicle platforms, providing invisible, level NIJ3A ballistic protection for both windshields and side glass.

This unparalleled protection level is visibly indistinguishable from OEM glass and ordinary glass, and still allows the user to raise and lower the side windows normally. Advanced materials, OEM-level environmental testing, and independent ballistic testing assure you of the absolute best bullet-resistant glass panes available today for armored glass vehicle applications.

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Advanced Features and Superior Bullet-Resistant Protection

With over five decades of development history in armored glass fabrication technology, Optishield Tactical by CGS employs exclusive construction features to deliver superior, lightweight, tactical transparent armor solutions, including bullet resistant glass side windows and windshields.

  • Proprietary Ballistic Advantage™ Strike Surface: Our unique technology rapidly expands bullets on impact, dramatically reducing penetration and dispersing energy more effectively than ever before!
  • ATC Core™ (Advanced Tactical Core): Utilizing advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, CGS efficiently disperses bullet energy, delivering unparalleled ballistic resistance.
  • Optisafe™ by CGS: A revolutionary proprietary layer embedded in our armored glass offers cutting-edge protection. Made to eliminate spall (debris and fragments released into the vehicle), Optisafe guarantees heightened eye safety during ballistic impacts by containing glass fragments within the windshield’s ballistic stack. Take your team’s safety to new heights with Optisafe.

Custom Glass Solutions products are proudly manufactured in the USA and are available nationwide through Dana Safety Supply as a component of their BallisTech™ line of Vehicle Armor Solutions.

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Setting the Gold Standard for Armored Glass for Law Enforcement

Optishield Tactical, proudly manufactured in the USA, sets the gold standard for premium transparent, bullet-resistant glass solutions meticulously designed for the law enforcement sector. Optishield Tactical bullet-resistant glass ensures superior protection that exceeds level NIJ3A requirements, utilizing cutting-edge ballistic materials. It empowers every law enforcement agency with the capability to provide top-tier, life-saving security for their officers. Additionally, it is available with shootout capability.

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  • Windshield
  • Side Glass
  • Divider Glass
  • Rear Glass

Available for All Popular Platforms

  • Ford
  • Chevrolet
  • GMC
  • Dodge

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