Specialty Safety & Efficiency Glass for Commercial Transportation

The commercial transportation industry is vital to our economy. Freight moves around the country by road, rail, and sea. Each of these segments can benefit from a custom glass solution. For commercial transportation operators and occupational drivers that spend hours on end in a cab, safety and comfort are essential. Having the wrong glass in your commercial transportation vehicle can put operators at risk and cost your business money. How? By affecting operator safety and vehicle efficiency. Custom Glass Solutions offers the latest technology in windshields for any vehicle. We also specialize in glass for construction, public transportation and safety vehicles

Custom Safety Glass Products for Operator Safety

Laminated Safety Glass: Damage to door glass and windshields can occur during accidents or due to flying debris. Operators need to be protected when the unexpected happens. Tempered window glass can unintentionally cause operator injury due to laceration or ejection from the vehicle. Laminated glass has been shown to reduce injury to drivers in the case of an accident. We offer specialty laminated glass windows and windshields for commercial vehicles.

Specialty Glass for Commercial Transportation

Acoustic Glass: Over time, noise entering a commercial vehicle during movement will harm drivers’ hearing. Acoustic glass can reduce road and wind noise to provide a safe and more comfortable ride. Our acoustic glass is perfect for your long or short-haul truck.

Infrared Reflective Glass: Regular commercial vehicle glass such as tempered glass windows may block most UVB rays, but it allows 63% of UVA rays to enter the cab. UVA rays have been shown to be just as harmful as UVB rays in producing skin cancer. Custom Glass Solutions’ infrared reflective coatings and lamination technologies eliminate more than 99% of all UV rays, protecting occupational drivers from skin damage.

Anti-Reflective Glass: Commercial vehicle operators need to have a clear vision of the road ahead. We provide custom glass solutions such as anti-reflective and infrared reflective glass to provide superior surfaces that reduce glare and keep operators safe.


Glass Solutions for Vehicle Efficiency

Solar-Management Glass: Another use of laminated glass is to manage solar heating. Vehicle cabin temperatures can reach over 120 degrees Fahrenheit in just 60 minutes of direct sun exposure. Drivers then crank up the AC for comfort. Glass laminated with infrared reflective coatings and PVB interlayers can reduce solar heating to save you money! Constantly running the AC consumes gas which quickly adds up to millions of gallons wasted each year across the US. Less usage will also prolong the life of the AC unit, reducing the need for costly repairs.

Security Glass: Theft or vandalism of a commercial vehicle may leave you with costly repairs and downtime for the driver and freight. Custom glass products like laminated security glass can help protect your vehicles by providing 10x the impact resistance versus tempered glass windows.

The commercial transportation industry needs specialty glass and custom glass products to protect operators and increase vehicle efficiency. Custom Glass Solutions serves this diverse segment with glass products and assemblies such as door glass, windshields, sleeper cab units, and much more. We provide a wide variety of specialty glass systems that enhance safety and create a comfortable driving or operating environment.

The commercial transportation segment includes Class 4 through 8 trucks, yard and short-haul trucks, and commercial shipping vessels. According to the American Trucking Association, the commercial trucking industry moved 81.5% of the nation’s freight in 2016, totaling a gross revenue of $738.9 billion. We are proud to help these companies and operators with their safety, comfort, and efficiency. Call us today to discuss how Custom Glass Solutions can help with your commercial transportation vehicle.