Specialty Glass for Safety & Protection

Custom Glass Solutions products provide superior durability and OEM fit and finish for police, fire, rescue, and recovery vehicles. Our laminated and  tempered custom safety glass systems play an important role in these vehicles.

When a fire truck, ambulance, or police car is racing to a scene, they can’t be slowed down by their windshield, the visibility of emergency lights, or other vehicle glass complications. Operators of these vehicles enjoy the benefits that come with a custom windshield, anti-reflective glass, laminated glass, and other custom safety glass technologies developed by CGS.

Fire Truck & Ambulance Glass Windshields 

Fire trucks and ambulances need to be visible to the other vehicles on the road. We recently introduced a fire truck windshield that includes embedded LEDs to help identify the vehicle day or night, rain or shine. Laminated glass technology also keeps windshields clear from scratches and streaks, so emergency personnel can see other drivers clearly.  

Police Car

Laminated glass adds extra protection for windshields on police cruisers and other safety and protection vehicles. Heated glass can keep windshields clear in the cold. Anti-reflective glass reduces vehicle interior temperatures and improves the efficiency of the vehicle by running the AC less. Privacy glass, anti-theft glass, and anti-spall glass can protect officers on duty in the worst of circumstances.


Watercraft & Boat Glass Replacement

Custom Glass Solutions can even assist in your safety watercraft glass solutions. From boat windshield glass to marine-grade specialty glass, we can equip a single boat or a whole fleet with custom safety glass products.

When it comes to providing custom glass solutions for emergency, safety, and protection vehicles, CGS is your trusted custom glass manufacturer with more capabilities than any other. We provide solutions that can block out harmful UV rays, reduce exterior noise, increase safety and visibility, and more. We proudly support our United States Fire, Police and service professionals with American-made custom safety glass solutions. When durability and dependability are a must, make sure you’ve got CGS specialty glass.

COVID-19 Glass Barriers for Retail, Office, Hospitality & Industrial Facilities

Custom Glass Solutions has designed movable, height-adjustable glass partitions (Mobile Protective Shields) to be used to protect against COVID-19 and other airborne maladies in public environments. Retail, office, hospitality & industrial facilities will benefit from our durable, mobile, safety glass barriers that look better and last much longer than plastic panels. CGS also features customizable social distancing barriers made-to-spec for individual needs.

No matter which vehicle needs a glass windshield replaced, we’ve got you covered. Custom Glass Solutions proudly serves Commercial Transportation, Construction and Agriculture glassLifestyle Vehicles, Public Transportation safety glass, and other industries. Contact us today for more information or to engage with our safety glass solutions.