Military and Civilian Vehicles

Armored Glass for Military and Civilian Vehicle Needs

Armored Glass for Military and Civilian Vehicle Needs

Custom Glass Solutions offers a wide range of Transparent Armor, also known as bullet-resistant glass and armored glass, for executive and personal automobiles and trucks, as well as for armored commercial, military and police vehicle applications. Our proprietary compositions developed over years of testing and optimization offer the highest levels of safety and protection to the warfighter and the civilian for bullet-resistant windshields and more.

Custom Glass Solutions armored glass & glazing systems, manufactured in full-compliance with major international ballistic standards, include STANAG 4569, ATP 2352, CEN 1063, NIJ, WMFL Timed & ASTM, and Other standards for all threat levels.

At Custom Glass Solutions we develop Armored Glass laminate assemblies for the armored vehicle industry that satisfy both standard and unique customer requirements – while providing maximum safety and comfort with industry-leading threat protection, optics, reliability, weight reduction, and cost factors for our armored glass for vehicles.

Civilian and Commercial Armored Glass

Custom Glass Solutions’ bullet-resistant glass for cars and other civilian and commercial vehicles provides maximum protection against ballistics as well as optical clarity, combined with a high-level of OEM glass appearance for veiling the nature of the armored glass – adding confidence and comfort suitable for VIP limousines, trucks and SUVs. Armored glass also works well for armored vehicles utilized in private security companies and defense applications.

In Civilian Armored Cars, Discretion is Your Best Ally!

The original shapes, dimensions, appearance and functions of the OEM glass are reproduced virtually unchanged in CGS Transparent Armored Glass:

  • Black border with dot matrix: design similar to OEM glass
  • State of the art heating for de-fogging and de-icing functions custom or similar to OEM glass
  • Coated / tinted armored glass: color and properties similar to OEM glass
  • Optional blast retention systems

To learn more about the protection levels provided by Custom Glass Solutions’ armored glass transparencies, click here.

Civilian and Commercial

Transparent Armored Glass for Military Vehicles

Military vehicles outfitted with Transparent Armor from Custom Glass Solutions are protecting service men and women from ballistic and high-energy attacks in some of the worst, war-torn locations on earth.

Custom Glass Solutions routinely develops and produces the toughest armored glass and polycarbonate laminate combinations available for all protection levels.

That’s why Custom Glass Solutions is an approved contractor to the US armed forces, NATO armed forces, UN forces, and many other military organizations around the world for bullet-resistant armored glass solutions.

The range of armored glass combinations provided by Custom Glass Solutions are certified by ballistic laboratories to meet the following major international standards:

  • European CEN
  • American NIJ
  • STANAG 4569
  • ATP 2352
  • CEN 1063
  • NIJ
  • WMFL Timed
  • ASTM
  • Other standards for all threat levels

Your Transparent Armor Needs

  • Ensure Warfighter Safety
  • Provide Improved Visibility
  • Meet & Exceed threat specifications (Updated ATPD 2352 Rev U)
  • Realize Industry-leading Reliability
  • Enhance Vehicle Aesthetics
  • Receive Next level Supplier Performance – Engineering, Customer Service, Manufacturability, On-time Delivery

To learn more about the protection levels provided by Custom Glass Solutions’ armored glass transparencies, please click here for our Ballistic Chart.

Transparent Armored Glass for Military Vehicles
Transparent Armored Glass for Military Vehicles
Transparent Armored Glass for Military Vehicles
Transparent Armored Glass for Military Vehicles

For further information about all of our custom glass solutions, please visit our Industries Served main page to get started. Please initiate a conversation with us here for any specific questions you may have on our transparent armored glass products for military & civilian applications, including bullet-resistant glass. View our custom glass design and engineering services while you’re visiting.


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