Manufactured Glass Solutions

Custom Glass Solutions provides OE glass manufacturing, service, parts & distribution capabilities offered for the following segments: Lifestyle Vehicles, Construction and Agriculture, Commercial Transportation, Public Transportation, Safety and Protection, Armored Glass, Office/Retail/Hospitality/Industrial, and Non-Mobility.

Commercial Transportation

The commercial transportation segment includes Class 4 through 8 trucks, yard and short haul trucks and commercial shipping vessels. Custom Glass Solutions serves this diverse segment with glass products and assemblies including windshields, door glass, sleeper cab units, heated glass, acoustic glass and privacy glass.


Construction and agriculture are year-round industries, requiring equipment that can handle the intense workload required by the job. Our advanced glass systems can significantly enhance operator safety and comfort. Construction equipment like bulldozers, skid-steers and cranes often work in harsh environments and must meet demanding standards. That’s why durable windshields, laminated glass and door glass are so essential in this segment.

Custom Glass Solutions’ laminated glass systems play an important role in enhancing operator safety and comfort. Agricultural equipment is designed to maximize output and field performance while providing comfort during a hard day’s work. Custom Glass Solutions provides infrared reflective glass, solar management glass, heated glass and privacy glass to help combat Mother Nature’s bad side.


Whether your application requires robust solutions for a utilitarian purpose or advanced glass technologies for absolute luxury, Custom Glass Solutions has a custom application for you. Large Class A RVs, recreational marine vessels and enthusiast vehicles are designed for those who like to be on the open road (or sea) and demand the most from their vehicles.

Custom Glass Solutions serves customers in this segment with large, one-piece windshields, tempered glass, solar management glass and laminated door/roof glass. Advanced glass technologies like photovoltaic roof glass and switchable glass are available for lifestyle vehicles.


Even if it doesn’t move, your application may still require or desire a custom, sophisticated glass system. Take washers and dryers as an example where Custom Glass Solutions’ advanced tempering, bending and encapsulating capabilities enable us to provide the ideal solution for appliances that demand performance and aesthetics. Or coin operated machines, where our anti-reflective glass, DiamondGuard scratch resistant glass and low maintenance glass provide added value and enhance the user experience.

And, CGS has been providing glass solutions for the solar industry from its infancy, including concentrated solar power and secondary reflective mirroring. Our low-iron glass and UltraMirror products help improve efficiencies in solar cells and mirrors for high performance applications.

Public Transportation


Custom Glass Solutions glass provides superior durability and OEM fit and finish for police, fire, rescue and recovery vehicles. Our laminated and tempered glass systems play an important role in these vehicles.

Custom Glass Solutions also provides heated glass and privacy glass and we recently introduced a fire truck windshield that includes embedded LEDs to help identify the vehicle day or night, rain or shine. We proudly support our United States Fire, Police and service professionals with American made glass solutions. When durability and dependability are a must, make sure you’ve got CGS glass.

Armored Glass for Military and Civilian Vehicle Needs

Armored Glass

There are military, commercial and civilian scenarios that require glass to be more than simply transparent for clear vehicle operations. Armored glass from Custom Glass Solutions, also known as bullet-resistant transparencies, meet those needs. For armored vehicles from limousines and SUVs, to armored trucks and vans for transporting precious cargo, to military all-terrain vehicles and even naval vessels, CGS offers the toughest glass and polycarbonate-laminate combinations available for bullet resistance and high-energy attacks.

Armored glass products and solutions from Custom Glass Solutions are certified by ballistic laboratories to meet various international standards, to imitate the OEM designs of civilian glass designs they replace, and to provide a range of bullet-resistant glass protection.


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise and brought economies to a grinding halt. As business offices, restaurants & bars, salons, factories and retail establishments struggle to remain open while keeping employees and customers safe, owners and operators are turning to manufacturers like Custom Glass Solutions for help. Our Mobile Protective Shields (MPS) are glass partitions that are movable, height-adjustable, and can even be customized to specific sizes, shapes and to match the interior décor where they are deployed. Glass barriers are easily cleaned and last much longer than plastic versions. Trust Custom Glass Solutions for another specialty-glass innovation during these trying times!


Custom Glass Solutions is the leading producer of large format, laminated glass in North America. Our products add style and sophistication to RVs, buses, boats, trucks, trains, tractors, and other vehicles.  Most importantly, our glass enhances vehicle safety.