When it comes to a windshield, there’s a lot more than meets the eye—or ear. Acoustic windshield glass are majorly beneficial when it comes to the safety and comfort of your drive. Whether it’s for an RV, SUV, commercial vehicle such as an agricultural combine, or an emergency vehicle such as a firetruck, an acoustic glass windshield has some awesome benefits.

Reduces Noise – It probably makes sense that the most important benefit of acoustic glass has to do with noise. Using acoustic glass for windshields can block ambient noise from getting inside the vehicle or machine. Acoustic glass is made by laminating two pieces of glass together with a sound-blocking PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) membrane. The membrane absorbs high-frequency sound waves so they are not transmitted through the glass into the vehicle cab. If you want a quieter ride, then you’ll reap the benefits of acoustic glass.

Protects Driver HearingSpeaking of a quieter ride… acoustic glass windshields reduce such a significant amount of noise that it can protect against driver hearing loss. Noises such as horns, sirens, or just the vibration of tires moving across the road, can reach 75 dB (decibels), which can do significant damage to driver hearing (ideal interior noise level should be around 25 dB). Since the windshield is the largest surface area and directly in front of the driver, it is the most beneficial piece to utilize acoustic custom safety glass. Protecting driver hearing is critical for long and short-haul truckers or others who drive a significant amount.

Better Operator Communication – Whether you’re a firefighter trying to hear dispatch as you race to a scene or a parent just trying to have a conversation with your kids, acoustic windshield glass provides a better environment for communication. Due to reduced road-noise, drivers can communicate with passengers without having to shout or strain to hear. This can be especially important in industries such as agriculture and construction where the operator’s ability to communicate clearly can affect work site safety for others. If you need to communicate with anyone while you’re inside your vehicle or machine, then you need an acoustic glass windshield.

More Comfortable Ride – Even if the average person doesn’t need to communicate clearly in their vehicle in an emergency, an acoustic glass windshield simply makes for a more comfortable ride. Music can be played at softer volumes. There is less distraction from ambient noise. And so, you can better focus on the road or the job you are performing. This can be especially important in RV windshields since the main joy of an RV comes from the journeys you take in it, not the noise you hear while driving it. 

Boosts Productivity – Therefore, the fifth benefit of an acoustic glass windshield is that it can boost overall productivity. A more comfortable ride with fewer distractions means work calls go smoother and deals can get done. In agricultural or construction machines, fewer distractions and less noise can mean more operator focus, quicker reactions, and more productivity to get the job done faster. 

If you’ve been thinking about custom safety glass in the form of an acoustic glass windshield for your vehicle or machine, then you need to call Custom Glass Solutions. We make acoustic glass windshields that reduce noise from the road, wind, or other ambient sources. Our high-quality manufacturing processes mean you can get the perfect acoustic glass windshield for your vehicle, RV, or commercial machine. Call Custom Glass Solutions today!

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