Glass Windshields for Bus and Coach 

Whether your glass and windshield needs are for school buses, mass transit buses or trains, trams or subways, Custom Glass Solutions provides glass systems which enhance safety and create comfort for various modes of public transportation.

School Bus Glass Replacement

We believe in safety and efficiency, and we’re proud to say that 90% of North American school buses are equipped with our glass. This includes both insulated glass and privacy glass units. School busses are safer than ever before, and with strict regulations and traffic laws, your child is 70% more likely to get to school safely in a school bus than a car. 

Our specialty glass and expert installation helps school districts and groups keep their vehicles within federal and local safety standards. We can craft and install custom school bus windshield glass, tinted and thermal window glass, scratch resistant coatings, and more. Along with our laminated glass products, CGS manufactures flat, bent, and tempered window glass for any vehicle.

Charter or Public Transit Bus

As populations are growing and we try to cut emissions, the demand for mass transit has increased. Riders of charter and public transit busses want safety and comfort, which is why Custom Glass Solutions provides the best custom glass products for public transit vehicles.

Riders need infrared reflective glass which helps keep climate control more manageable, making for a more comfortable ride for operators and passengers. This also increases overall efficiency, by saving money on cooling and heating the inside of the bus.

It also blocks harmful UV rays. “Infrared and UV blocking are integral components of nearly every project today. It’s about getting the highest visual light transmission, with the lowest penetration of Infrared and UV,” says Chad Beach, CGS Product Manager of Advanced Technologies. Bus riders are safer with laminated glass products from CGS.


Tram, Train or Subway

Trams, trains, and subways have their own glass needs, challenges, and solutions. Glass for high-speed trains and subways needs to have ample noise protection from wind and echo. Glass custom windshields must also be able to safely withstand the force of headwinds while offering as clear vision as possible at all times. Our embedded LED technology is the ideal solution for integrated marker lighting, improved pedestrian visibility, and signage on trams, trains, and subways.

Glass for trains and subways is also taking us into the future. For example, a train in Singapore that passes within feet of apartments windows is equipped with switchable glass technology. “The whole right side of the vehicle goes opaque so passengers can’t see inside people’s apartments,” says Beach. Innovative technologies like these are possible when you choose CGS as your trusted custom glass manufacturer.

Along with our extensive options for custom laminated glass products, we also supply custom windshields, door glass, heated glass, scratch resistant coatings and films, anti-spall glass and more to public transportation customers. Not only that, but Custom Glass Solutions works with insurance companies, fleet operators and vehicle owners to coordinate glass replacement and windshield repair services. We offer the broadest range of custom glass products and capabilities for public transportation companies across the US. From our three locations in Ohio, “we’re developing the core capabilities to implement these technologies, so we’re in the right position to move along as these opportunities arise,” says Beach.

As our name states it, Custom Glass Solutions offers innovative, safety-enhancing and passenger-pleasing custom glass innovations for railway systems. For the people-moving power of Light Rail , for rush-hour solutions in Commuter Rail, and for cities that never sleep and require subway glass and metro-glass products for Heavy Rail, we deliver train windows and railway glass window systems to keep the public moving safely and securely.

For more information on our many custom glass solutions by industry, please visit our Industries Served main page . You can also start a conversation with us on any specific questions you have on our specialty glass products for public transportation – such as school bus windshield glass or subway glass. Please visit this page to discover more about our manufactured glass capabilities.



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Custom Glass Solutions was formed to meet the manufactured glass needs of diverse industries, from Construction, Public Transportation and Law Enforcement Vehicles to Lifestyle Vehicles and Commercial Transport for shipping and delivery. Whether it’s small and flat, large and bent, or something in between, CGS has the custom glass solution for your OEM and aftermarket needs – including laminated glass solutions, bullet-resistant glass and more. We also offer OEM glass engineering expertise and many glass manufacturing capabilities for specialty glass needs.