Custom Glass Solutions Windshields: Keeping You Safe Since 1974

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Commercial Transportation

Public Transportation

Lifestyle Vehicles

From Class 8 to short haul trucks to commercial shipping vessels, GGS offers glass solutions that help optimize fleet performance…Read More> For a rider or a driver, GGS provides custom glass solutions that enhance comfort and improve safety…Read More> ¬†Sweeping one piece RV windshields, privacy marine glass and ATV glass systems are all part of CGS’s Lifestyle Vehicle offerings…Read More>
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Safety and Protection


GGS glass plays an important role in reducing NVH and enhancing occupant safety in equipment ranging from bulldozers to tractors…Read More> Police, fire, rescue and recovery vehicles rely on GGS glass for its superior durability and OEM fit and finish…Read More> From solar mirrors to washer and dryer lids to coin operated machines, GGS provides glass solutions for various non-mobility applications…Read More>