Custom Glass Solutions Windshields: Keeping You Safe Since 1974

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Advanced Engineering Support

The Custom Glass Solutions Advanced Engineering Support Team works closely with customers and equipment operators to help overcome difficult design challenges to maximize investments in sophisticated glass systems.

Our Custom Glass Solutions team provides CAD/CAE support from conception to production. Predictive optical simulation tools provide the ability to analyze, diagnose and solve a complex engineering problem in one visit. The 3D scanner also helps more accurately diagnose current design issues.

In most cases, Custom Glass Solutions designs, fabricates and validates all tooling in-house, saving our customers time and money. Our full in-house testing capabilities ensure all products meet stringent safety and quality regulations as well as specific customer requirements.

Glass is no longer just something you see through. Increasingly, glass is a complex, high-tech system that heightens your view, enhances your safety and improves your comfort level. Custom Glass Solutions has been fabricating glass for vehicles for more than 80 years; let us put our expertise to work for you.


Safety is our number one priority. And Custom Glass Solutions wants to make it your number one priority as well. That is why we offer a wide variety of  laminated glass systems to keep vehicle/equipment occupants safe and out of harm’s way. Our laminated glass technology protects occupants by preventing glass from shattering into small sharp pieces that could be dangerous in the event of a crash or other accident.Laminating_344x1521-300x132

With more than 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space split between two facilities, Custom Glass Solutions is North America’s leading producer of large format, laminated glass. We produce pattern shapes in varying sizes and can include ceramic frit (paint), ground edges, holes, encapsulation and bonded hardware. We provide laminated glass solutions that block harmful UV rays, dampen exterior noise, quickly defog or deice, add protection, put your name in lights and more.


Tempered glass, often referred to as safety glass, possesses increased strength and impact resistance compared to raw glass.

The rapid heating and cooling of the glass deliberately adds stress to the glass, by placing the exterior of the surface in compression and the inner core of the glass in tension. This stress increases the surface compression of tempered glass and makes it harder to break. When tempered glass does break, its increased stress causes it to break into many small pieces that are less likely to cause serious injury. Custom Glass Solutions tempering furnaces produce tempered glass such as door glass, roof glass, insulating glass, privacy glass and more.


Custom Glass Solutions provides the encapsulating process to ensure vehicles and equipment can operate safely at all times.

The encapsulation process utilizes injection molding presses to permanently bond complex, polyurethane profiles to the perimeter of glass parts. Encapsulated parts are frequently used in commercial transportation applications to provide water and wind channeling around the windshield. The structural strength of polyurethane also enables bonding of structural components such as pins, hinges, mounting brackets and more.

Custom Glass Solutions utilizes its encapsulation capabilities to offer a wide range of assembled glass systems for your convenience and safety.


Custom Glass Solutions bends glass utilizing three different capabilities – sag bending, press bending and cylindrical bending. Sag bent glass products are formed when hot glass sags (due to the pull of gravity) in to the shape of a quench ring. Sag bending produces barrel or spherical shaped glass parts.

Press bent glass products utilize a stainless steel mold face and head that presses the glass into the shape of the mold. Cylindrical, conical and spherical shapes are possible utilizing the press bending process. Cylindrically bent parts are made when hot glass moves through Kevlar covered wheels that are driven by flexible shafts that bend or form the glass into a cylinder. Cylindrical glass parts are typically used in door glass applications.