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Advanced Engineering Support

The Custom Glass Solutions Advanced Engineering Support Team works closely with customers and equipment operators to help overcome difficult design challenges to maximize investments in sophisticated glass systems.

Our Custom Glass Solutions team provides CAD/CAE support from conception to production. Predictive optical simulation tools provide the ability to analyze, diagnose and solve a complex engineering problem in one visit. The 3D scanner also helps more accurately diagnose current design issues.

In most cases, Custom Glass Solutions designs, fabricates and validates all tooling in-house, saving our customers time and money. Our full in-house testing capabilities ensure all products meet stringent safety and quality regulations as well as specific customer requirements.

Glass is no longer just something you see through. Increasingly, glass is a complex, high-tech system that heightens your view, enhances your safety and improves your comfort level. Guardian has been fabricating glass for vehicles for more than 80 years; let us put our expertise to work for you.

Guardian Custom Glass Solutions capabilities include: