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Cruise ships exploring the sunny Caribbean can take advantage of solar energy by using photovoltaic roof glass to produce usable energy to power different applications. We can customize size, shape and design to integrate PV roof glass into your designs.

Our solar management glass can promote the comfort of your guests by absorbing heat and reflecting the sun’s rays. Solar management glass is an excellent glass choice for any ship because it can help reduce emissions, air conditioning demands and create a comfortable, controlled climate.

One of our newest products incorporates Guardian’s Reveal switchable glass, creating an elegant and enhanced level of privacy on ships. Simply turn on the low-voltage electrical current to arrange liquid crystal molecules into a pattern to make the previously opaque glass transparent. This advanced technology used in limousines can also be used to ensure privacy in offices.

Interested in learning more about the varieties of technologies that can be used in glass for ships? At Custom Glass Solutions we are committed to providing unique, customized glass to meet your particular needs.