Custom Glass Solutions Windshields: Keeping You Safe Since 1974

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Laminated glass, durable windshields and tempered door glass from Custom Glass Solutions ensure safe and reliable operation for bulldozers, backhoes, excavators and other construction equipment.

The use of laminated glass in cabs promotes safety and comfort. We offer customized laminated glass for cabs that can block harmful UV rays, dampen exterior noise, and quickly de-ice or de-fog.

A report by the Mine Safety and Health Administration set out “to determine whether it was feasible to provide bulldozer-cab windows strong enough to resist surge-pile burial pressures.” The recommended solution to these safety concerns was “strengthening the windows by installing high-strength glass.”

This approach has been adopted by Custom Glass Solutions in our high strength tempered glass particularly suited for construction equipment applications. We apply our own rigorous standards for safety glass in construction vehicles to ensure we fulfill OSHA requirements for safety glass in cabs. By investing in safety technologies such as durable, laminated and tempered glass, Custom Glass Solutions raises the bar on safety for cab glass in many construction vehicles.