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Learn More about Laminated Glass

“Tinted” glass refers to glass with a window tinting film applied, typically in an aftermarket setting. In comparison, true privacy glass is made by adjusting the batch ingredients of the glass itself to make it less transparent, more durable, and longer lasting.

Guardian’s glass solutions not only provide privacy, but style and reduced thermal load as well. Our systems are used in glazing areas of the vehicle that do not have a visible light transmission requirement. Applications include side and rear windows not requiring 70% visible transmission, or in roof glass applications.

Our industry-leading PrivaGuard and MidNite Gray privacy glass solutions are deep-tinted, neutral gray in color, providing a pleasing aesthetic. Other notable features include:

  • Heat treatable in monolithic applications
  • Formulation based
  • Ideal in applications where high solar performance uncoated glass is required

Guardian’s Twilite Gray privacy glass offers the style of dark privacy glass with higher visible light transmission, allowing for enhanced visibility during low light conditions. It is typically used for applications requiring medium visible light transmission. This system transmits more visible light than our PrivaGuard and MidNite Gray privacy glass solutions, making it ideal where improved solar performance uncoated glass is required while maintaining moderate visible transmission.