Custom Glass Solutions Windshields: Keeping You Safe Since 1974

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Custom Glass Solutions is the leading producer of large format, laminated glass in North America. Our products add style and sophistication to RVs, buses, boats, trucks, trains, tractors, and other vehicles.  Most importantly, our glass enhances vehicle safety.

Laminated Glass

Made by “sandwiching” a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer between two glass panes, laminated glass is a very sturdy, cost-effective and, most importantly, safe option for a variety of applications, including cars, trucks, trains, combines, buses, RVs and ATVs. It’s strong, which helps it resist the penetration of impacting objects. It’s durable and remains in place, even when broken. Learn how Laminated Glass innovations protect operators and save money.


driver-300x154Custom Glass Solutions is the leading producer of large format, laminated glass in North America. Our sweeping one-piece windshields add safety, style and sophistication to RVs, buses, boats, trucks, trains, tractors and more.

Door Glass

There are many types of glass doors and roofs: shower doors, slide glass doors, subway doors, sunroofs, etc. Custom Glass Solutions can handle it all!

In addition to our windshields, Custom Glass Solutions specializes in door and roof glass systems. Whether it’s a photovoltaic, glass roof on an RV or tempered safety glass for school bus doors, CGS will help you get it done.

Insulating Glass

Insulating glass keeps temperatures constant whether in cold seasons or hot. The glass (or glazing) is comprised of two panes of glass separated by an air or other gas filled space to reduce heat transfer.In vehicles such as school buses, insulating glass helps keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. The glass is also used for its acoustic attenuation properties. The air or gas filled void improves the noise insulation quality and improves acoustical performance by reducing exterior noise transmission.Custom Glass Solutions has also provided insulating glass as a “mid lite” (an insulating glass unit installed between the driver and the engine) for a number of niche, rear engine sports cars.

Solar Management Glass

Controlling the heat from the sun is no easy task, but CGS is a leader in solar management glass solutions that:

  • Create a more comfortable cabin
  • Reduce air conditioning demand, causing increased fuel efficiency
  • Reduce emissions

Our Solar Management Glass (SMG) absorbs, reflects or blocks the sun’s rays while offering superior aesthetics and styling options thanks, in part, to our complex bending capabilities. Our SMG reduces solar load by absorbing a larger portion of the sun’s heat compared to standard green glass.

This industry-leading technology combines maximum solar heat absorbing capabilities for applications requiring over 70% visible light transmission with standard green glass aesthetics. Formulations are available for laminated, as well as monolithic systems.

Privacy Glass

“Tinted” glass refers to glass with a window tinting film applied, typically in an aftermarket setting. In comparison, true privacy glass is made by adjusting the batch ingredients of the glass itself to make it less transparent, more durable, and longer lasting. CGS’s glass solutions not only provide privacy, but style and reduced thermal load as well. Our systems are used in glazing areas of the vehicle that do not have a visible light transmission requirement. Applications include side and rear windows not requiring 70% visible transmission, or in roof glass applications. Our industry-leading PrivaGuard and MidNite Gray privacy glass solutions are deep-tinted, neutral gray in color, providing a pleasing aesthetic.

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass typically refers to laminated glass that utilizes a special sound absorbing PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayer. In addition to absorbing the noise within the glass, acoustic glass also reflects noise back toward the source. In ideal circumstances, acoustic glass can reduce total noise by as much as 10 decibels, which means a quieter, more comfortable ride for all.

Appliance Glass

Custom Glass Solutions supplies appliance original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with a broad spectrum of products including:

  • Heat Reflection Coated Glass
  • Conductive/Heatable Glass
  • Painted/Silkscreened Parts
  • Slump Bend Parts
  • Insulated Glass Units (multiple spacers supported)
  • Touchscreen Assemblies
  • Chemical Strengthening

Infrared Reflective Glass

CGS’s infrared reflective glass, IRR, increases fuel efficiency by keeping unwanted heat out. IRR is a family of thin film coated laminates that provide the highest available levels of solar energy reflection while selectively transmitting visible light. By reflecting the sun’s heat, these systems achieve heat load reduction far superior to that of solar absorbing glass.

Anti-Reflective Glass

CGS’s anti-reflective (AR) glass has a durable, multilayer, sputtered anti-reflective coating applied to our own high quality float glass. The system is economical and highly effective at reducing reflectance and enhancing transmission – a combination that enables designers and engineers to achieve optimal performance.

CGS creates the AR product by vacuum depositing a multilayer anti-reflective coating onto our own high quality float glass. As the characteristics of the glass substrate are critical to overall performance, the glass itself is stringently specified and selected to ensure overall quality meets specifications desired by our customers. Automated in-line optical inspection throughout the float glass manufacturing and coating processes ensures quality, uniformity and consistency of the final solution. CGS AR glass is offered with a single sided coating standard and is available with a double sided coating on request. The product is offered on glass substrates up to 96” by 144” and available in high volumes.

Embedded LEDs

CGS’s proprietary process for embedding LEDs in laminated glass gives customers a myriad of styling options. Whether it’s prominently displaying a brand name in lights or replacing traditional exterior turn signals and brake lights, CGS’s embedded LED solution takes sophistication and styling to a whole new level.

Switchable Glass

Switchable GlassCGS’s Switchable Glass transitions from opaque to transparent with the flick of a switch. This high-tech privacy glass solution uses a low-voltage electrical current to arrange liquid crystal molecules into a pattern that makes glass transparent when turned on. Turned off, the liquid crystal molecules revert to a random pattern, diffusing the light and causing the glass to become opaque.