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sc-lighting-componentsCustom Glass Solutions supplies and serves luminaire original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and lighting designers with a broad spectrum of products for the lighting market. Our lighting products are easy to retrofit to existing fixtures for sports, highways, industry, architecture, landscaping, medical and more applications. A system of rigorous quality control, on-time delivery, inventory of stock sheet materials, quick turnaround on sample requests, and competitive pricing makes Custom Glass Solutions your source for high-performance glass lens products and solutions.

Our current portfolio of glass products for the lighting market includes:

We carry a wide variety of glass substrates that can be used to optimize performance, either alone or with the addition of coatings or surface treatments, for lighting applications. These include:
  • Soda-Lime Glass
  • Low-Iron Glass
  • Acid-Etched Glass
  • Patterned Glass
  • Borosilicate Glass

Custom Glass Solutions carries high-performance temperable Anti-Reflective (AR) coatings that can be used to maximize light transmission by reducing traditional reflection losses associated with glass. Single-Sided AR (SS AR) coatings can be used alone or in combination with another coating (heatable, easy clean, etc.) or surface treatment (pattern, acid-etch, etc.) to create a high-performing functional glass lens in a luminaire. Double-Sided AR (DS AR) coatings can be used to maximize light transmission to reach 99% visible light transmission at a 0-degree incident angle (NADIR) and reduce light losses over angle by > 10%.
Custom Glass Solutions carries transparent conductive coatings that can be customized into a heatable lens for solid-state lighting (e.g. LED) applications that require snow, ice, and condensation removal. Our team can develop monolithic glass or laminated assembly solutions can provide an automatic temperature feedback loop to provide constant heat to the lens surface without sacrificing light transmission and luminaire efficiency/efficacy.