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touch-screen-300x199Custom Glass Solutions supplies and services the demanding Display and Electronic Component markets with high quality precision glass products designed and produced according to stringent original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications. Combining a broad portfolio of glass offerings, glass fabrication capabilities, and integration capability, Custom Glass Solutions delivers Display Glass products. that meet unique product goals for a broad array of OEM electronic products. Small or large format, simple or complex, in low or high volume, you will find Custom Glass Solutions addressing OEM product needs across many markets served.

  • Touch Panel Coverglass
  • Display Coverglass
  • Vandal-Resistant Display Glass
  • POS Scanner Windows

  • Touch Panels
  • Industrial Displays
  • Medical Displays
  • Embedded Displays
  • Marine Displays
  • Vehicle Displays
  • Digital Signage Displays
  • Point of Sale Displays and Scanners

  • Processing – Design / Development / Quick Turn Prototype / Mass Production / Life Cycle Control
  • Coatings – Anti-Reflection, UV / IR Blocking, Low Emissivity (Low-E)
  • Treatments – Anti-Glare / Anti-Fingerprint / Scratch Resistance
  • Strengthening – Lamination, Autoclave, Heat Tempering and Chemical Strengthening
  • Shaping – CNC Cutting, Drilling and Edgework
  • Marking – Painting and Precision Printing, Laser Etching, Sandblasting
  • Assembly – Clean Room, Component Integration
  • Quality Assurance – ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Constant Automated & Visual Inspection, Digital & Analog Measuring Equipment
  • Logistical Support –  Custom Packaging, Worldwide Shipping

Whether you are seeking a partner to manufacture an existing glass product or a trusted advisor to support your development from concept to component design and into production, Custom Glass Solutions has the resources to meet your needs. Our experienced personnel and a system of rigorous quality control, on-time delivery, inventory of stock sheet materials, quick turnaround on sample requests, and competitive pricing makes Custom Glass Solutions your source for high-performance Electronics Glass products.

Our current portfolio supporting glass products for the Display and other Electronics markets includes:

Particularly for the Display and Electronic Markets, quality starts with the glass. Custom Glass Solutions inventories optical quality glass in a wide variety of types and thicknesses to include:
  • Soda-Lime Glass
  • Low-Iron Glass
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Anti-Glare Etched Glass

Non-inventoried glass can typically be obtained with short lead times through established partners selected for their ability to produce optical quality glass required for the markets we serve.

Custom Glass Solutions offers several glass coatings that provide OEMs the opportunity to optimize product performance for demanding applications.
  • Anti-Reflective (AR) Coated Glass reduces the glass surface reflection and increases transmission through the glass. For applications such as outdoor Digital Signage or any other display application where distracting glare is an issue and sunlight readability is a must, AR Glass can help meet your end product goals. Use may also include other applications, such as POS scanner windows, that could benefit from the increased glass transmission characteristics provided by the coating. Our AR glass is temperable and available in single or double-side AR Glass configurations.
  • Anti-Fingerprint Coated Glass gives glass an improved feel when sliding your fingers across the surface of glass, while at the same time lessens noticeable smudges and makes those that do occur easier to clean. It can be specified alone or in combination with our Anti-Reflection Glass to provide an optimal user experience for your touch enabled display application.
  • Scratch Resistance Glass provides a low friction, highly durable, surface that substantially improves the scratch resistance of the glass surface. It is ideal for products that come under abuse in such a way that increased resistance to glass scratching might extend product life or service intervals required for replacing the glass. Public information displays, point of service scanner windows and other applications may derive benefit from this durable glass offering.

Processing – The glass fabrication experts at Guardian’s Custom Glass Solutions routinely assist customers in the early design stages of glass components, provide prototype units and, eventually move into mass production. Custom Glass Solutions will be a committed partner throughout the glass component life cycle. 

Coatings – Guardian is a leader in providing sputtered thin film coated glass. Regardless of environment, Guardian coated glass can alleviate reflectivity concerns, mitigate infrared or ultraviolet exposure, and our Low-E glass can be used to reduce electrical interferences.

Treatments – Our Anti-Glare (AG), Anti-Fingerprint (AF) and Scratch Resistance treatments provides a low friction, clean and durable surface that substantially improves the performance of the glass. These treatments are ideal for products such as touch screens or products that are susceptible to potential abuse or high number of user contacts. Public information displays, point of service scanner windows and other applications may benefit from these glass treatment offerings.

StrengtheningGlass strengthening capabilities, both chemical strengthening or heat tempering provides options to increase the durability of the glass. Improved impact resistance or safety requirements may be desired for various electronics applications. Lamination provides an additional option for meeting safety requirements where applicable or, combined with other fabrication capabilities, provides vandal resistance glass options that can be matched to your specific application needs.

Shaping – Various glass shaping, edging and drilling capabilities are employed to most cost effectively fabricate a wide range of product types from the most basic rectangular display cover glass to more complex-shaped components requiring precision tolerances.

Marking – High quality multi-layer printing provides capability to add decorative borders, customer logos, symbols, indicators or other design elements to your custom shaped glass.

Assembly – Utilizing our clean room environment Custom Glass Solutions takes the burden of integrating and affixing various component to the fabricated glass. This additional service helps our customers streamline the value chain and concentrate on their own core competencies.

Quality Assurance – As an ISO 9001:2008 certified glass fabrication provider we take Quality extremely serious. The glass is inspected throughout the fabrication process by both visual and automated testing equipment. Our customers can rest assured that the glass products they receive can be immediately moved to their production process.

Logistical Support – As needed, our staff can assist in the design of custom packaging and shipping to almost any location in the world.